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Welcome to the Eating Britain Cookbook Library. Every time I get a new cookery book, I'll let you know my opinion below... eb-017-thumb.jpgTitle: One Perfect Ingredient Author: Marcus Wareing Favourite Recipe: Lamb Cutlets Indian Style Always wanted to try... : I really fancy having a go at the Shrimp Salad with Mango and Lobster. For a special summer ocaission, it would be a fantastic starter. Comments: I do like many of the recipes in this book and found the info useful and interesting. But I don't love it! lartedisacla_02.JPGTitle: The Painter, the Cook and L'Arte di Sacla' Author: Anna Del Conte & paintings by Val Archer Favourite Recipe: Coniglio in Potaccio, a delicious, colourful and warming dish, and a great way to take advantage of locally caught rabbit. Always wanted to try... : Gnocchi di Patate con Zucchero e Cannella - I am a great fan of potato gnocchi but have never tried it as a sweet before, so I really want to try this recipe! Comments: A beautifully written and illustrated book, full of great regional recipes, I love it! heartyhealthy.JPG Title: Hearty & Healthy Dairy Cookbook Author: Recipes created by Pat Alburey, Kathryn Hawkins, Sue McMahon and Kate Moseley. Favourite Recipe: Winter Warmer, a delicious chicken and swede bake. This is the first recipe I have tried from this book and its a corker! Always wanted to try... : I have yearnings for the Cherry yogurt ice, it looks divine! Comments: This is a brand new addition to my collection and I can't wait to try more recipes. spicessalt.JPGTitle: Spices, Salt and Aromatics in the English Kitchen Author: Elizabeth David Favourite Recipe: Sussex Stewed Steak; I first made this for 'Waiter there's something in my...' and it's become a autmun/winter regular. Always wanted to try... : Too many to choose from! Comments: I love the way Elizabeth writes, this is a book of anecdotes, history and recipes, a pleasure to read. eattobeatibs.jpgTitle: Eat to Beat IBS Author: Dr Sarah Brewer and Michelle Berriedale-Johnson Favourite Recipe: Red Chicken with Chili, a great all in one meal, a recipe for those days when you want lots of taste for minimum effort. My first foray into gluten-free baking was the Rice Flour and Banana Bread and it is delicious. Always wanted to try... : Wheat-free Gnocchi with Courgettes and Mushrooms. I really prefer gnocchi to pasta and trying these wheat-free ones is an exciting prospect. Comments: A guide to IBS, lifestyle and diet, an indispensable addition to my book shelf. jamiekitchen.jpgTitle: Jamie's Kitchen Author: Jamie Oliver Favourite Recipe: The Chinese chicken parcels are a finger-licking favourite and the dark, sticky stew is such a comfort on dreary winter Sundays. Always wanted to try... : Skate baked in the bag with artichokes, purple potatoes, capers and creme fraiche. It looks so beautiful and I love all the ingredients, but I have never combined them all before. Comments: I have not tried many recipes from this book, I think because they seem a little more complicated and require more time spent on them. madhurjaffrey.JPGTitle: Indian Cookery Author: Madhur Jaffrey Favourite Recipe: Rogan josh without a doubt, I've tried it with lamb and beef and enjoyed each equally. As an accompaniment, Cauliflower with potatoes is a great choice. Always wanted to try... : Mughlai chicken with almonds and sultanas, this sounds so luscious, its high on my to-cook list. Comments: This is not just a recipe book, there's a glossary of spices and herbs; descriptions of necessary equipment and Indian cooking techniques and even a guide on how to eat Indian food; this is my curry bible. nigellabites.JPGTitle: Nigella Bites Author: Nigella Lawson Favourite Recipe: Pasta with Meatballs is one of my favourite dishes of all time, especially as Autumn & Winter draw-in, perfect comfort food. Thai Yellow Pumpkin & seafood curry is happiness & serenity in a bowl for me. Always wanted to try... : Ham in Coca-Cola, I am genuinely fascinated by this recipe and one day I will try it! Comments: I am a huge fan of her recipes and style of cooking. I think her personality and passion for food inspire you to want to eat, let alone cook! happydays.jpgTitle: Happy Days with the Naked Chef Author: Jamie Oliver Favourite Recipe: One I go back to over & over, is Chicken Breast in a bag with Mushrooms, Butter, White Wine & Thyme and the World's Best Baked Onions are indeed exactly that! Always wanted to try... : 'The Sexiest Salad in the World'! Figs, mozzarella, Parma ham and honey, it sounds like heaven! I adore figs but find it difficult to get really ripe ones over here. Comments: I enjoy the simplicity of many recipes and his informal way of putting them across but sometimes I feel instructions are a little bit vague.