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cake.jpg Buy Barbital Without Prescription, I have great memories of cooking with my mum and my nan and the skills I learnt back then have stayed with me right into adult-hood. I feel learning even the basics of cookery is so important and recently I read a report on the benefits of baking as a family. Purchase Barbital online no prescription, The report impressed me so much, I have decided to post it here. It is a long report but a very worthwhile read, buy Barbital online without prescription, so make a cuppa, Barbital san diego, sit comfortably and find out how cooking together really can effect kid's lives.

A Report on the psychological, social and practical benefits of ‘Family Baking and Bonding’

Commissioned by Betty Crocker© - December 2007


Research(1) shows that baking a cake is ‘one of those things’ that adults remember doing as a child, real brand Barbital online. Yet the same study also reveals that a staggering one in five of the same British adults currently never or rarely do any family activities, including baking, with their offspring, Buy Barbital Without Prescription.

Aware of these statistics and the additional knowledge that nearly half of adults (1) believe cooking to be the ideal activity to engage with their children, Where can i buy cheapest Barbital online, Betty Crocker has commissioned this report to inject renewed interest into the importance of the family baking tradition.

As the champion of family ‘baking and bonding’, Betty Crocker understands that the family baking tradition is highly regarded as an activity which can help parent and child to bond as well as provide the child with an armoury of skills required in later life, buy Barbital from mexico.

The content of this report explores the psychological, Barbital discount, social and practical benefits of parent and child baking together by drawing on the expertise of leading practitioners in the field of child nutrition and parenting. It attempts to define why baking is so important in the bonding process between parent and child as well as explore the skills that children take away from the experience of sharing the baking task with their parent as a friend. Buy Barbital Without Prescription, One of the key findings of the report is for the child to believe that they are baking with their parent as an equal rather than ‘parent as teacher’ and this is discussed in sections 3
and 4.


drpatspungin.JPGDr Pat Spungin is the founder of the UK’s leading parenting website With over 170, Barbital price, coupon,000 visitors every month, Fast shipping Barbital, Raisingkids offers information and advice on all aspects of bringing up children. Previously a university lecturer in Child Psychology, Pat has broadcast and written extensively on parenting issues, Barbital in uk, including most The Haynes Teenage Manual and The Parentalk Guide to Brothers and Sisters

annabelkarmel.JPGAnnabel Karmel MBE is the author of fourteen best-selling books on nutrition and cooking for babies, Barbital craiglist, children and families. Hugely influential in her imaginative approach to creating healthy food, she is helping transform diets of babies and children, buy cheap Barbital. Her philosophy is that the one element you can control which can determine your child’s future health is what they eat.

1, Buy Barbital Without Prescription. Barbital in mexico, PSYCHOLOGICAL BENEFITS FOR THE CHILD

1.1. Childhood Memories

Given people’s emotional relationship with food, it’s not surprising that research (2) shows that the smell of baking is the scent they most associate with their mother as a child, where to buy Barbital. Baking gives parents the opportunity to spend time with their children and create a moment in time that forms the basis of childhood memories. Barbital prices, Memories are formed from the experiences that the child has with the parent baking (3). Buy Barbital Without Prescription, These experiences strike a chord with the child so that they live with them through to adulthood. Annabel Karmel says: "When my children were little, I was just starting a career and so I was spending a lot of time writing new recipes for my books, Barbital in australia. It soon became clear that one of the things my children loved was helping me in the kitchen and so from the age of three I involved them, Purchase Barbital online, and I realised that real life activities were more pleasurable than any toys you could buy. The delight they showed in baking something by themselves and offering their cakes to others, whilst beaming with pride at their creation, buy Barbital online cod, clearly indicated that it had struck a chord."

Remembering childhood experiences whether baking, Buy Barbital online with no prescription, Sunday lunch, or the fun of a TV programme the whole family watched together make up a sense of what and who the family is - and many of the rituals are passed on from generation to generation (4). Baking with mum falls into the category of making memories, Barbital tablets, especially if the result was enjoyed by the whole family (4).

1.2 Self-Esteem

When mums encourage their children to take part in shared activities such as baking, they send a message which tells their children that their efforts are valued and their company is sought (5), Buy Barbital Without Prescription. Buy Barbital without prescription, We are inviting them to spend time with us doing something we both enjoy while making something for the family to appreciate.

Baking provides a strong bond between parent and child. It offers an opportunity for children to do something which builds their sense of competence and accomplishment (6), saturday delivery Barbital. At play, Over the counter Barbital, children copy adults. Buy Barbital Without Prescription, They play in the Wendy House, pour make-believe tea for their toys, pretend to be car or train drivers, all a pale imitation of the ‘real’ things that adults do. Baking is different. Over time children can learn to bake simple things with a minimum of supervision and eventually they can do it by themselves, Barbital in canada. They can cook something that everyone in the family can eat, Next day Barbital, something ‘real’ and it tastes as good as an adult’s. They are doing something considered as well as and sometimes better, than a grown-up, order Barbital online overnight delivery no prescription. There are few things that fall into this category, so baking can be embraced as a way of helping to build up a child’s self-esteem (7), Buy Barbital Without Prescription.


Increasingly children spend time alone on a computer instead of developing social skills by interacting with family members (8). So many children spend time alone in sedentary activities like this that they don't develop social skills as well as those who interact with others through joint activities.

2.1 Job Well Done

Baking has been identified as an ideal social learning tool, Barbital trusted pharmacy reviews. Buy Barbital Without Prescription, A key element of education is to teach a child that any activity is only finished when everything that has been used has been cleaned and put away (9). Baking is a task that can be seen through from start to finish. Buy Barbital without a prescription, When mother and child work together, the child can do everything the adult does, from breaking the eggs to washing up afterwards, delivered overnight Barbital. Within the space of thirty minutes or so, Order Barbital from mexican pharmacy, your child can see how ingredients mixed together can be transformed into something delicious. Add to this the joint effort of cleaning up afterwards and you can show your child the joy of a job well done.

2.2 Standing on Their Own Two Feet

Annabel Karmel explains that the social functions of baking teaches children independence, Buy Barbital Without Prescription. She says "A fun activity for your child and a few friends is to choose a menu together, Barbital prescriptions, get the ingredients organised and then have the children cook the menu themselves with a little adult supervision. Rx free Barbital, Children will take pride in making this and give them a sense of independence. When I was a child we used to create a restaurant and cook the food; one of us would be the chef serving it up in the kitchen and the other the waiter who would take orders. The result was learning that we are capable of doing adult things ourselves and giving us confidence to stand on our own two feet."

3, where can i order Barbital without prescription. Buy Barbital Without Prescription, PARTY EQUALITY

When parent and child bake together, especially on a regular basis, it creates strong bonds and a sense of security and stability for the child (10). One of the reasons why this occurs is because parent and child are taking part in a shared activity. Barbital in japan, Dr Pat Spungin says: "Once the assembling of ingredients begins - there’s a good chunk of time where parents can spend time chatting with their child. This face to face communication is key to building a good relationship between parent and child."

To take this one step further, Betty Crocker realises that not only should the activity be shared, purchase Barbital, but to reap full psychological and social benefits from the baking experience, Barbital medication, both parent and child should be on ‘equal terms’ - parent is not teacher but instead a confidante and friend.

Annabel Karmel also acknowledges the importance of equality. She says: "If you want to bond with your child, then do it as equals rather than parent/teacher and child, Buy Barbital Without Prescription. Choose recipes that are simple enough for your child to make without too much help from you, Barbital in usa. Children love to be part of the adult world. Buy Barbital online no prescription, They see mummy or daddy in the kitchen - so baking something themselves and mimicking their parents makes them feel proud of their achievements. Spending time together being creative and having fun will bring you closer to your child."

4. Buy Barbital Without Prescription, THE CROCKER EFFECT

Consumer research (11) has revealed that baking mixes provide the only activity that both parents and children are able to undertake as equals - in all other activities either the parent or child dominates.

Annabel Karmel says: "Spending time in the kitchen with your child is great but remember children have short attention spans."

Baking mixes make the baking process simple with no over complicated measurements and at the same time teach children the social skills mentioned in section two of this report, Barbital to buy. Where baking mixes become even more invaluable is the fact that they allow the child to become equal with the parent in their baking skills (11). Barbital gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release, The psychological impact of this, labelled here as ‘The Crocker Effect’, helps to boost a child’s confidence and strengthen the bonding process between child and parent to an even greater level, Barbital to buy online. Betty Crocker offers the highest quality ingredients with the simplest methods which ensure that both parent and child are able to work as a team and enjoy the delicious results.

5, Buy Barbital Without Prescription. Online buying Barbital hcl, PRACTICAL BENEFITS OF BAKING

5.1 Development of skills
Children learn many skills from baking and cooking - some relevant to the subjects they are studying at school whilst others assist in their development towards adulthood. Weighing and measuring as well as understanding time can help with maths; explaining where ingredients come from can assist with geography; reading the instructions and recipes can develop reading and writing skills; cracking eggs or understanding what food does upon contact with heat can help with understanding of science; as cooking is full of unfamiliar words, it builds vocabulary; showing them how to use basic utensils and assisting with their co-ordination helps to improve dexterity (12), ordering Barbital online.

5.2 Impact on Nutrition
Practical benefits of baking are central but it is also important to focus on the nutritional benefits that this can provide (13). Barbital from international pharmacy, Research has shown that when families sit down to eat together they eat better (14). Buy Barbital Without Prescription, Children learn to eat more healthily, and the conversation that takes place over the dinner table helps to build their vocabulary, perform better at school and they are less likely to go on to develop eating disorders or addictions (15). It’s not a great leap to make from this to imagine that in showing our children how we make meals or bake cakes; we introduce them to a world of better nutrition. Viewers of Jamie’s School Dinners will remember that the most stubborn children, Barbital in india, who refused anything new, Barbital buy, did try out a variety of new recipes when they themselves were involved in the preparation.

5.3 Collaboration
Both Annabel Karmel and Pat Spungin stress the importance of baking as a useful learning tool for developing social and practical skills. Pat says: "There is one other element that arises when parent and child bake together that will prove very useful in school, where can i buy Barbital online. Baking together is a collaborative activity; a case of team working and following instructions to produce something together, Buy Barbital Without Prescription. When a child is in school, Sale Barbital, it is essential that they know how to cooperate with other children and follow instructions from the teacher. Where better to start learning these important skills than at the kitchen table. The process can start very early with a two year old following very simple instructions like stirring a mix or putting cake mix into the baking tray, where can i find Barbital online. Older children can bake with very little help, Barbital over the counter, producing cakes and biscuits for family and friends."

6. Buy Barbital Without Prescription, CONCLUSION

Baking forms the basis of an ideal activity for parents to enjoy with their children. It is accessible to all as it is affordable and easy to achieve in the comfort of their own home. Not only does the process of baking between parent and child provide a bonding opportunity but it also equips children with psychological, order Barbital from United States pharmacy, social and practical skills that will take them into adulthood. Buy no prescription Barbital online, Whilst current research indicates a time pressured society spending little time on family activities, it is clear that there is willingness to participate in cooking in the kitchen (16). Baking a cake with children can be a simple and economical activity with enormous benefits, Barbital overseas.

It is understood that cake mixes enable the parent to form even stronger bonds with their children as these make the baking process simple enough for the child to be an equal with the adult, Buy Barbital Without Prescription. This allows a relationship of friend and confidante rather than teacher and pupil. Buy Barbital online without a prescription, 7. REPORT METHODOLOGY

The contents of this report were compiled on behalf of Betty Crocker with the help of Pat Spungin and Annabel Karmel.

National research was also undertaken with 3, Barbital in us,403 adults by OnePoll to find out more about their time spent with their children. Buy Barbital Without Prescription, 8. Barbital paypal, REFERENCES

1. Betty Crocker report. Survey with 3, buy Barbital from canada,403 people undertaken by OnePoll, Buy Barbital no prescription, November 2007
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