Write for Eating Britain

Are you a budding food writer? Or perhaps a critic? Maybe you just write your own food blog online because you have a passion for food? As long as you enjoy writing and enjoy all things food then we want to hear from you! We currently have spots open for guest posting here on EatingBritain.com. Essentially this means that you can write a post to be shown on the EatingBritain website. Once it has been approved it will be posted under your name. You can include a link back to your own food website and are also welcome to link to any posts you may have written on other websites in the past (as long as the links are not excessive or inappropriate). We like to think of this as a beautiful exchange of ideas and food writing. You get to be seen as a food writer by all the readers of EatingBritain.com. Additionally you get to build link strength to your site in addition to gaining new readers, a win-win for all. If you would like to start writing with us here at EatingBritain (and who knows, it may turn into a paying gig) please get in touch so we can set you up with an account and get you on board right away. We look forward to writing with you soon! Sarah & David Some of our current writers: